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LWRC AR 15 For Sale

LWRC Rifles by LWRC International are the Best AR 15 rifles on the market today. LWRC international AR 15 Rifles go through the toughest testing of any AR 15 Rifle system. All LWRC Rifles are gas piston AR 15 Rifles except their LWRC DI Rifles (Direct Impingement Rifles). Also know as LWRC IC DI High Performance Direct Impingement Rifle.

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Find the LWRC International, LLC (LWRC) firearms you’re looking for right here at We’ve got plenty to offer from LWRC firearms. For starters, check out our selection of LWRC magazines to go with your LWRC firearms. You can also take a look at the popular LWRC M6 gun to see what’s available.

The LWRC Firearms M6 Gun Series

LWRC has developed a variety of M6 guns, including the basic M6 model and the M6-IC. The LWRC M6 series is based on the M4 carbine and features a short-stroke self-regulating gas piston system and bolt carrier/carrier key design. The first batches of LWRC M6-IC units featured spiral-fluted barrels, but later units featured a more conventional style. The LWRC M6-IC comes standard with a Magpul MOE pistol grip and a Magpul stock or a compact stock. LWRC has developed several different M6 and M6-IC guns, but also manufactures other firearms, such as the IC-SPR.

About LWRC Firearms

LWRC is a high-performance rifle manufacturer based in Maryland. LWRC produces a variety of M4 carbine weapons like the M6 model. To ensure LWRC firearms are of high-quality materials, LWRC uses a patented nickel-alloy coating on all of its bolt carriers, barrel extensions, hammers, and triggers. LWRC manufactures 90 percent of the parts on its rifles to control their quality and consistency. The core mission of LWRC is focused on high-performance, reliability, accuracy, durability, and innovative design.